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The field of usage for HYDRO-1D spans over various cities of germany i.e. also at the city of Munich (capital of bavaria)

The main achievements were

- general drainage planning in sewer networks for cities
- control for the discharge optimisation in retention basins
- automatic finding of Measures of reorganization for sewer networks

In the year of 1998/99 HYDRO-1D and 3 other well known systems for sewer-network calculations were tested in detail at the Institute of Hydro Sciences of “Universität der Bundeswehr München”. The reason was the Acquisition of a hydrodynamic simulation model for the calculation of their sewer network system.

The tests esp. the evaluation of the models consisted basically of:

- Efficiency
- Accuracy
- Stability
- Program Handling

The tests at the Institute of Hydro Sciences resulted in a clear recommendation for the modelling system HYDRO-1D of E-Planung GmbH.